The Chapter Room is the nicest room in the house. About twenty years ago, the house put down big bucks to buy all this nice furniture. So we put in a lot of work to maintain the furniture and wood paneling. All of our meetings are held in this room.

Brothers often use this room to practice piano, cello, etc. When friends of brothers visit, the room also serves as a guest room.

The plaques on the walls distinguish awards from both the National PKT fraternity and MIT itself. PKT is a proud three-time winner of the Founder’s cup (awarded to the nation’s best chapter). At MIT, we’ve won awards for best pledge program, community service, risk management, and more.


Ballroom Dances

Before we bought the house from its original owner, a rich doctor, this entire second floor used to be one entire floor where ballroom parties would be held. Ergo, we choose the name Ballroom.

Original Ceiling

Originally, the entire 2nd floor was connected as one large “Ballroom” with extravagant furnshings and fixtures. Even the ceiling in this room used to be as exquisite as that of the Chapter Room. However, a few years ago, some brothers decided to remove some of the molding. Yeah, we don’t know what they were thinking either. Now, we are slowly restoring this ceiling and return the room to the glory of its past.

Lofted Beds

All the beds are lofted while the desks are on the floor. The Ballroom is very spacious. It is the largest room by volume in the house. This room is usually a quad during the year.

The Pit

Who wants to live in a pit?

This is where the orchestra sat when it performed in the parties. Being underneath the platform of beds in the ballroom, though, it is the also the actual pit of the ballroom.

Residential Advisor

Our residential adviser (RA), Sebastian Mot lives here.

Second Bath

Each floor has one bathroom, and each is unique in their own way. This particular bathroom has a map of the entire back bay. A while back, a group of freshman (Pledge class 87, class of 91) had to go to star market, but they didn’t even know where it was. So the personnel director made them go into the Back Bay and make a map so they wouldn’t forget. They did one better and painted the entire map as you see here.

Check the Wheel Before Entering

A lot of times, girls visit the house and frequent restrooms. So we built a convenient spin wheel to avoid any awkward moments.