Community Service

“Give, Expecting Nothing Thereof”

As MIT students, we have plenty of knowledge and experience to benefit our surroundings as well as the youth and energy to put that to use. And with our motto “Give, expecting nothing thereof”, we all strive to improve our community. Whether in Boston or in Cambridge, at MIT or afar, we Phi Kaps are always ready to serve.

Large Scale Events

From events, such as MIT City Days, Back Bay Alley Rally, Boston Walk for Hunger, Boston Food Bank, MIT Freshmen Urban Program, working at the MIT Public Service Center, volunteering at Nursing Homes, and Project SCORE (yes, it’s really a service event), Phi Kaps dedicate their time and energy to aiding those in need.

Individual Events

It’s not uncommon to see a brother tutoring others in the dining room or helping disadvantaged kids in a downtown elementary school. Brothers always find creative ways to give of ourselves, knowing that the only satisfaction is seeing the happiness of others.

Community Mixers

In addition, we strive to maintain strong relations with our neighbors and in our community. During neighborhood mixers, we not only meet our friends but also show them what an MIT fraternity is all about.