Phi Kappa Theta
What makes PKT different from other houses?

This is a hard question to answer, for until you personally experience a place, you cannot really understand what makes it unique. Each house has its own personality and PKT is no different. We believe our house is marked by a very strong brotherhood (no doubt you’ve heard this word a lot recently), a great sense of humor, diversity, and strong moral character. Every house will inevitably claim to have a strong brotherhood. All we can say is that there is a lot of love and support in PKT, so much so that we think of this as our home and family. The close relationships we have here will last throughout our lives. We do not take ourselves too seriously and feel comfortable joking around with each other. We take our founding ideals seriously and strive to become better men by living with integrity.

Will I have to drink alcohol at PKT?

Some brothers drink, some don’t. It’s one’s individual choice to drink or not drink and no brother or pledge is ever pressured to consume alcohol.

Is there hazing at PKT?

If you pledge PKT, be rest assured, you WILL NOT be hazed. Our chapter has a strict policy of no hazing. We treat our pledges with care and respect to help them grow as individuals and adjust to college life. Hazing has no part in this and we are very careful to never require anything of pledges that could be construed as hazing by any party.

Is there a Hell Week?

As just stated, we have a strict policy of no hazing. We consider the so-called Hell Week some other fraternities have to be a form of hazing and therefore we do not convene a hell week.

How religious is PKT?

We respect each other’s individual beliefs and opinions. Some brothers are members of different churches and are involved in on-campus fellowships. There is no pressure to be more or less religious than you want to be.

How long is the associate member program?

Our pledge program does not have a predetermined length. Basically, the pledge period ends when the brothers decide the pledges are ready. Our pledge program runs no later than the end of the first semester.

How far is it to campus?

That depends on how you get there. Many brothers bike to campus, which takes about 5 minutes. On foot, it’s a 10-15 minute walk to campus. Brothers can often catch the MIT shuttle or bus across the river, which makes the trip much shorter.