Social Events

Taking a Break from MIT

As with all fraternities, PKT is a social organization. We recognize the need to take a break from MIT. After all, there is more to college than academics. To help us enjoy these years, we fill our social calendar with a healthy balance of social events.

Social Hours

These are the backbone of Phi Kappa Theta’s social calendar as they occur every Friday, and have a pre-party and post-party type atmosphere. Often they have themes like swing dancing, smoothies, or karaoke, which give a lot of versatility in providing a varied social atmosphere, but the important part is just hanging out, having fun, and meeting some new people or catching up with old friends.

PKT Parties

We throw both open and closed dance parties where we meet college students from schools all over the Boston area including Wellesley, Harvard, BU, Northeastern, Simmons, and others. Keep your eyes peeled for our party posters all around MIT campus and other campus in the Boston area.

Formal Events

Twice a semester, we dress to impress, grab a date, and hold a formal dinner at a nice restaurant in Boston. These events are a classy alternative to our weekly social hours or parties.


The primary goal of mixers is meet and get to know a variety of girls, whether they’re from a sorority at MIT, a Wellesley society, or any other group of girls from another college. Typically, we host a couple mixers a year.


Barbecues are always a nice way to just hang out and relax. So, from time to time we’ll have barbecues, often spontaneously, and just chill with our brothers and friends on our roof deck, enjoying the weather and the view of Boston and the Commonwealth Avenue Mall.