The Four Ideals

About Us
Fraternal: Duty to Man

To provide the tangible and intangible aids necessary to establish a closely knit collegiate community whose members enjoy a mode of living that is conducive to the formation of gentlemen imbued with principles and ideals and to prepare them to contribute to the world community upon graduation.

Intellectual: Duty to Self and Parents

To remind our brothers that outstanding scholastic achievement is a primary personal responsibility, and to encourage a commitment to the university that provides each member with his intellectual formation.

Social: Duty to Society

To encourage each member to identify himself with his collegiate and civic community by active participation and service, thus fostering a vigorous spirit of loyalty to Alma Mater and selflessness to all men.

Spiritual: Duty to God

To deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives of its members, regardless of their religious beliefs or lack of one, through a well-balanced program of fraternal, intellectual, social and service activities.