National History

About Us
The Founding

On April 29, 1959, Phi Kappa Theta was officially established as a union between two older fraternities: Phi Kappa (founded in 1889) and Theta Kappa Phi (founded in 1919).

As the first true union between two fraternities, neither fraternity was consolidated into the other; rather, the merger was made under a new name, Phi Kappa Theta, a combination of the two original names.

Similarly, the seal, motto, and ideals of both fraternities were combined without either organization conceding anything.

The Vision

Historically, both Phi Kappa and Theta Kappa Phi were founded on Judeo-Christian ethics, religious ideas, and the brotherhood. Though membership was originally restricted to Catholics, Phi Kappa Theta is now open to members of all races, creeds, and religions.

Likewise, many aspects of the fraternity have changed over the years. However, the fundamental concept of fraternity is as necessary today as it was 100 years ago. The commitments made to personal growth and developing love for the fellow man by the founders carry on in numerous chapters across the nation. These commitments bind us all together as members of Phi Kappa Theta, and we owe it to these Founders to extend their vision.