Flying Bedroom

No Ladders?

The beds are lofted, but there are no ladders. Puzzled? That is because the residents of this room pull themselves up into their lofts with these ropes. The one exception is during the summer, when the room is inhabited by boarders. We provide ladders for them.

Bed Wars

Once, the beds were not bolted and freely swing, serving as vehicles for “bed wars”. However, after Boston fire code changed, the beds were bolted to the walls. This room is a triple.

Home Sweet Home

Some Californians lived in this room and really missed the West Coast weather so they painted a giant beach on the walls. If you can’t go there, just bring it with you!

Canyon Bedroom

Super Quad

As the most spacious room of the house, the Canyon is a quad. Most recently we built a triple bunk. The room also has a large lounge area and couches, serving as the location for random conversations or social gatherings. Or you could practice your bowling with Greg Puszko ‘13 and Saif Hakim ‘14 in here.

House Lore

The story of the canyon is as follows: There was this alum who came back and told us that there was a mural of the grand canyon painted across the walls of the room, which is why we called it the grand canyon. But, we asked a second alum, and he recalled no such thing. A team of brothers was tasked with chipping off the old paint on the wall to find the storied mural, but to no avail. Perhaps we’ll never know the namesake of the Canyon (it’s probably just because it’s big).

Studio Bedroom

Wall of Fame

The Music Wall of Fame is limited to only the most influential musicians of all time that are also either dead or disbanded.

Taking the A Train…

They also painted a musical score along the top of the wall. Can you guess it? Duke Ellington - Taking the A Train. It also contains a purple crayon marking of Jimmy Hendrix’s tombstone.

Beer Bedroom

A Unique Room

This room is really unique. At one point, it was lined with New England’s largest beer bottle collection. Pledges from other chapters from UNH or Merrimack would come to our house and have to take a picture of this room to prove that they were here. Unfortunately, the bottles generated too much dust, and we’ve since taken them down.

The Catalogue

The bottle collection was started in the late 80s by alumnus Mark Jansen. He was traveling through Europe and found some neat bottles and decided to send them back to the house. Ever since then, anyone who’s gone abroad or found unique beer bottles sends them back to the house. Every single beer is catalogued into a database and arranged alphabetically. Few have stumped us.

Peer Pressure?

Some brothers drink, but no one is obligated to drink and we have a lot of brothers who don’t drink alcohol at all. We respect your right to choose, and alcohol is not an important part of who we are.

Fourth Floor Bathroom

Team Mural

Gaze around and realize that what you see here is a product of Team Mural: a select group of PKT’s finest artisans. During winter work week 2017, this group completely renovated this bathroom based on a Rick and Morty theme. Team Mural is still intact, and hopefully will ride off into the sunset after many more glorious murals.