Virginia Bedroom

The Presidential Suite

Referred to as the presidential suite, the room usually hosts the president or older brothers because it’s the smallest and most private room in the house. Since many US Presidents are from Virginia, it made sense to call the room The Virginia.

PKT Flag

Also, the flag of Phi Kappa Theta hangs out from this room. It is the common target for fraternity pranks. We have caught the perpetrators several times though we usually settle the battles with a game of pool.

Sunrise Bedroom

Bay Windows

Normally a quad, this room has lovely bay windows with a clear view of the Commonwealth Mall. The floor space has often been used for private parties or “Chair Olympics” as deemed by Josh Ma ‘14, JooHun Kim ‘13, Steven Chang ‘13, and Pierre Douyon ‘12.

The Conception of the Name

The room name arises from a strange turn of events. A number of years ago, there used to be some vegetarians in the house who were lightly ridiculed for this peculiar lifestyle choice. Well, it happened that these unfortunate souls lived together one term and decided to have the last word, painting the room in “Broccoli Forrest Green,” leading to the room being known as the Broccoli. More recently, a few brothers decided that green was a terrible color, and repainted the room. Being inspired by their favorite drink, the Tequila Sunrise, the room is now painted in a sunrise fade color.

Peck Bedroom


The name for this room, usually a triple, originated from the legendary MIT hacks. The house word for “hack” was “peck”. We also found a glorious “Peck” sign, reinforcing our decision to call this room the peck. Many references are also mentioned in comic strips, as in Calvin and Hobbes.

What’s a Peck?

The comic strip was added by Kenneth Pettigrew ‘99 (KIP). He wanted to be original and tried to think of something funny to put in the blank quote, but he could never come up with anything good, so it is blank to this day. I guess it’ll be until he thinks of something worthy.

Tomb Bedroom

The Room

The Tomb is your usual bedroom with one exception…

The distinctive feature in this room is the “tomb” of beds. All four beds are situated on one side of the room, separated by a curtain from the rest of the room. Thus, people tend to sleep really well in here because it’s so dark. In the early 80s, a brother couldn’t sleep unless it was pitch black, which led to this bed formation.

Third Floor Bathroom

House Murals

Usually during workweek (twice a year), several of our more artistic brothers get to work on some bare wall. Since we spend a lot of time in the bathrooms, our bathroom walls have been nicely covered to give us something pleasant to look at. The thrid floor currently features a South Park theme!